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Community Team
Community Team

Top contributors

Thank you, everyone, who visited the Dynatrace Community and participated in discussions last month. It’s members like you who make our community truly great. Special shout out to:

  • Chad T.  - for providing 120 answers, including a truly great answer to the Disable mail alert for resolved issue  question.

  • Antonio S.  - for a nice contribution in the ActiveGate Extensions  post and a helpful answer to the Need help with POC preparation  question.

  • Larry R.  - for an answer to the How to upgrade Dynatrace version on Solaris box  question.

  • Dietrich K.  - for detailed description of a use case in the Add "Exit to custom script" option to "Integrate with other notification systems"  product idea.


Delivered product ideas

  • Navigate from a JavaScript error to the matching user session to facilitate an investigation. RFE: Jump from JavaScript errors to user sessions .

Read more in Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.196 

Hottest discussions

Take a look at the forum posts which received a lot of views and our Community members engaged the most!

  • DYNATRACE LEADERSHIP - How much longer for an update around providing enterprise permissions? 

  • Dynatrace Efficiencies, and optimizations 

  • How to add more windows event Logfiles (not process specific logs) to monitor? 

  • How to export the data into CSV 

Biweekly challenges

  • Till the 15th of July, you can participate in the Productivity tips Challenge .
    Share with us your TOP productivity tips that are improving your workday during the Corona time!

  • Check out our previous IT Joke Challenge .

Members of the month

Read two insightful interviews with helpful Dynatrace Community members:

  • Employee member of the month: Ari P.
    “A lot of my knowledge of Dynatrace comes from learning from others and the Community allows me to give back and help the user and knowledge base grow. I particularly love seeing how enthusiastic some of the customer members are about the product. "

  • Community member of the month: Yann B.
    “A newbie always has to start from somewhere, right? The very first time I looked in the community threads I was curious and in need of a way to extract data from Dynatrace and making a report out of it. I really wanted to see what others had accomplished on that subject.”

Our favorite blog posts last month:

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Unanswered questions

Here are some of the most viewed questions which are still not answered. It's a great chance to be helpful to other members, build a good reputation amongst your peers and earn points by answering them.

  • How to setup Duration of the HTTP call metric on the Go language? 

  • Threads Utilization vs. OneAgent 

  • How to get the information on the thread of IBM Integration Bus? 


See you in the forums!

The Dynatrace Community Team