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Hello, dear Community!

It's time to share our latest Community news for the previous month: top contributors, hottest discussions, biweekly challenges, forum stats, members of the month, and much more. Enjoy!

Top contributors

Thanks to all who visited Dynatrace Community and participated in discussions last month! It’s members like you who make our Community truly great. Special shout out to:

Hottest discussions

The most commented and answered posts for the previous month:

Those were just a few of the engaging discussions last month, what did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!

Biweekly challenges

Forum stats

Out of 144 product ideas submitted in February:
4 completed | 3 started | 3 planned | 2 under review | 6 accepted

The status changes in February, out of all the product ideas submitted overall:
19 completed | 6 started | 8 planned | 9 under review | 10 accepted

The most used tags

Product Ideas ForumOpen Q&A forum

Members of the month

Meet our most active community members from the last month and check out their stories.

Community Member of the Month
Jose Antonio r.

"The forum provides the answers that I cannot find in the documentation and goes one step further than Dynatrace One chat, thanks to sharing knowledge with others and learning together."
Employee Member of the Month
Dallas P.

"I contribute because the Community it’s a great place to share my knowledge with people outside of the Dynatrace organization and to hear feedback on the product."

Welcoming topic

To welcome new Dynatrace community members in our forum, we created a dedicated welcoming post where everyone can introduce themselves to others. Read more in the Welcome and Introduce yourself article.

Dynatrace news

Upcoming webinars

Unanswered questions

Here are some questions which are still waiting for your contributions. It's a great chance to be helpful to other members, build a good reputation amongst your peers and earn points.

To see more unanswered questions, click here!

Did we miss anything out? Let us know in the comments what do you want to see in the next news article. See you in the Dynatrace Community!

Laima Vainina
Community Moderator