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Top contributors

Thank you, everyone, who visited Dynatrace Community and participated in discussions last month! It’s members like you who make our community truly great. Special shout out to:

  • Chad T.  – for being one of the most active Community members for the 5th month in a row. Just in April, you provided useful 81 answers and 52 comments. Your cleanup of the unanswered questions from 2018 is such a great help, for example: Develop a custom Dynatrace dashboard showing the resource consumption of the process group .

  • Henk S.  - for being the most curious member for the second month in a row. Thank you for asking 12 great questions.

  • Antonio S.  - for your amazing effort creating 8 questions, 3 product ideas, 15 answers, and 20 comments.

  • Domenico B.  - for your activity in forums, and, in particular, for appreciating other Community members with 99 votes and for answering to 20 questions.

  • Yos N.  – for providing 20 answers and 22 comments. Specially thank you for creating so detailed and comprehensive answer to the How to Build a Dashboard for Requests  question.

  • Suresh K.  - for your increased forum contribution with 10 questions and 26 comments.

  • Bill D.  - for being a very innovative Community member. Thank you for submitting 5 product ideas in April. We are happy to share with you that 3 of them got status assigned.

Hottest discussions

Take a look at the forum posts which received a lot of views and our Community members engaged the most!

  • Multiple Scenarios: High Availability (HA) & Connectivity for Active Gate & Modules
  • Disable the: "show license status to everybody"
  • Feedback needed! How would you like to be notified of Dynatrace processing power boosts?

Community Stats


Delivered product ideas

From now on in the Dynatrace Managed release notes there will be a new section called "Delivered product ideas" where you will find completed product ideas from the Dynatrace Product Ideas forum.

This month, two ideas are delivered:

  • For all Dynatrace users except a cluster admin, a license expiration counter is now first displayed 7 days before the license expiration. RFE: Disable the: "show license status to everybody" 

  • The new ActiveGates overview page in Cluster Management Console lists all the deployed ActiveGates from all environments in a single view. The page is available from the navigation menu or the Cluster ActiveGate tile in Cluster Management Console. RFE: Show all ActiveGates in CMC 

Read more in Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.192 

Updated Community User Guide

  • Do you have questions on how to use Dynatrace Forum? We've got you covered. Read here Best practices of using Dynatrace forum 

  • Based on the questions from the Community users and employees we created a dedicated Community FAQ  article

How to stay up to date with what’s going on around Dynatrace Community?

  • Follow the whole Dynatrace forum space  or a forum of your interest: Dynatrace Open Q&A , Dynatrace Product Ideas , or Community Connect .

  • If you want to receive notifications about the next news articles in the forum – click Follow on the Community Newsletter  tag!

See you in the Dynatrace Community!