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Community Team
Community Team

:dynaspin: Hello, Community! :dynaspin:


I am super excited and happy to let you know that the Community team continues to grow! :tada: Please join me in welcoming @Michal_Gebacki, our new Community Specialist! Soon, you'll start to see him in the forums more often 🙂 

Michal will help us with the further development of the Community platform, as well as with day-to-day Community team's activities. We hope he'll also bring a fresh view on Community newsletters and other Community content!


Learn more about Michal from himself 🙂




Hello everyone!


My name is Michał and I'm joining the Dynatrace Lab in my homecity Gdańsk as a Community Specialist. It's really exciting to be with you all and have so much new challenges coming, believing we'll all have a good time. I'm keen on expanding my knowledge, having endless researches on various subjects, getting new skills, exploring new technologies, and trying to know the surrounding world better. What's more, I've always been interested in meeting people, no matter how far they are. That's why Dynatrace seems to be a good place for me!


Over the recent years I've been working as a copywriter and researcher in a quickly evolving fintech startup, gaining there a deep interest in technology, financial and law subjects, and essential experience in working with exciting people from various professions. In the same time I derived satisfaction from my life passion, automotive industry, working as journalist. What's more, I got bachelor's degree from the University of Gdańsk where I was studying journalism. Later, I started my journey with e-commerce, working as a content specialist, studying and graduating from UX Design studies at the same time.

After work hours, I can't imagine a year without a few journeys to closer and further locations, loving to explore these more and less obvious travel destinations. What's more, I love to catch some unique moments and landscapes thanks to photography, spending some free time on bike trips as well. So, now you know a bit about me - hope I'll be a helpful character here for all of you!




We're happy to have you here, Michal! Welcome on board!

The Dynatrace Community Team