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Community Team
Community Team

Hello, Dynatracers!


I am super happy to announce that our Community team is growing! From now on, you will see those two faces more and more often in the forums. So here they are: Laima Vainina and Maciej Neumann – our new Community Moderators!



Hello everyone!

My name is Laima and I'm from Latvia, Riga, but for the last half year I live in Poland. I have several years of experience as a journalist and as a customer support specialist. Big part of my work consisted of communicating with people, researching information, new engagement strategy creation, problem solving, analyzing different amount of data, and providing solutions. I believe there is always something to learn, and with digital media rapid pace, there's always something new! That’s the reason why in the last years I become more and more interested in a new technology, artificial intelligence, and that's why now I'm in Dynatrace.

If I could describe myself in 3 words they'd be: detail-oriented, emphatic, and curious. I always feel excited to analyze how even the smallest details fit into an overall scenario or system. Also, I enjoy interacting with people, helping them solve problems and making them feel heard. I am motivated to acquire new levels of knowledge, deepen my existing knowledge and skills in a significant way.

I believe Community is a great place for anyone looking to gain a new knowledge, receive immediate support, and grow. I’m ready to start nurturing Dynatrace community to become one of the main go-to institution where users can get the best quality answers to all their questions and have a good time.

In addition to the cool part of my job, I also love to explore myself in photography and graphic design. Outside of work, I enjoy doing nature photography, camping and climbing. I enjoy traveling too, there are so many places to see!

I’m super excited to see the Dynatrace community grow and learn how members are using Dynatrace to manage great stuff!

Nice to meet you all!

Happy to connect.



Hello Dynatrace Community!

My name is Maciej Neumann and I am the new Community Moderator. I am so happy to meet you all and I hope that together we will make this place even better for all of you.

I’ve worked before as a Foundation Leader – I was working in tech-oriented NGO, that had a mission to help others through technology, like open-source software for the developing countries. There I’ve learned how to work with online communities to create something together for a good of the others. I’ve also worked as a Creative Manager for the event company (so I’ve had to imagine the new ways for people to have fun!) and I have some experience as a journalist. Journalism is also my major from the University.

My responsibility as a Community Moderator will be to make sure that our forum will grow strong and everyone here will feel welcome and heard. I always loved to hear the stories of various people, so I hope that we will have an opportunity to hear more about the users themselves. My strong point was always the creativity. I have a lot of ideas for our forum and I can’t wait when you will be able to experience some of the things, we are preparing for you!

After work, I love to read books and consume pop and counterculture. In the spare time I also like creating digital photomontages, inspired by various surrealists. Besides reading I also like to write somethings myself from time to time. Usually some short, sci-fi stories. Strolls around the Gdansk are also one of the biggest pleasures of mine.

I hope that we will be able to meet better soon and I can’t wait to work with the community more!



Please join me in welcoming Laima and Maciej to the Dynatrace Community!

I'm sure that their excellent interpersonal skills as well as experience with open-source communities and engagement strategies will move our Community to the next level.


Karolina Linda

Dynatrace Senior Community Manager