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Community Team
Community Team

The Feedback channel is a dedicated place where our Product Managers collect feedback about various Dynatrace features from our Community members. Thanks to it they can get valuable opinions from one of the most engaged and passionate users – you! Co-create Dynatrace with us by providing feedback, voicing your opinion, and making suggestions about what works and what still needs some effort. 


There are a couple of different types of content that you can find in the Feedback channel: 



Example of a roadmapExample of a roadmap


In the roadmap topic you can see what features are planned, what we are already working on, and what will be completed soon in one specific part of Dynatrace. Thanks to roadmaps you know what is coming and how future enhancements will improve the product for you. This is also a place where you can ask additional questions about them to learn how each feature will behave and what to expect out of it. If you think something could work a little bit differently, you can suggest some changes right away. 


Surveys and research 

Example of a surveyExample of a survey


From time to time, our Product Managers, Architects, UI designers, or Developers will ask you for a little bit of help for research purposes. Usually, this means filling out a short survey with some specific questions about one of the Dynatrace features or answering one specific question with a little bit more detail. Help us create a better product by providing answers that will show what you expect and how we can react to it accordingly.  


Feedback for our release notes 

Example of a surveyExample of a survey

In the Dynatrace Community, you can also check out the latest release notes for the new versions of Dynatrace. You can quickly see what has changed and comment on it, so our Product Management team can see your reaction to the update. 


Feedback channel 

Example of a feedback threadExample of a feedback thread


Finally, in the Feedback channel, you can find dedicated threads about one specific feature that was recently introduced or is coming soon to Dynatrace. You can voice your opinion and talk directly to the person who designed the new feature. With this back-and-forth dialogue, we all learn what your expectations are and improve, change, or plan the next iteration of the feature. And, if the new changes are something you were looking for all along, you can also voice your appreciation - positive feedback is always welcome 😊