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Community Team
Community Team

The Feedback channel is a place where Product Managers can collect feedback from the most engaged and passionate users – you! Co-create Dynatrace with us, provide feedback on existing features and share your ideas on what else can be done to further improve our product and your experience with it. 


There are a couple of different types of content that you can find in the Feedback channel: 




Example of a roadmapExample of a roadmap


The roadmap topic provides information on what features are planned, about to be released, and considered for the future. Additionally, you can learn about areas of improvement new releases will offer, ask questions about the future functionality of the product and make suggestions.


Surveys and research 


Example of a surveyExample of a survey


From time to time our Product Managers, Architects, UI designers, or Developers for research purposes will ask you to fill out a short survey about the Dynatrace features or answer a specific question with a little bit more detail. Help us create a better product by sharing your expectations toward it and signaling what should be prioritized actioning upon.


Feedback for our release notes 


Example of a surveyExample of a survey


Dynatrace Community is also a place where you can check the latest release notes, see what exactly has changed, and share your thoughts on the update with our Product Management team.


Feedback channel 

Example of a feedback threadExample of a feedback thread


Finally, in the Feedback channel you can find threads dedicated to specific features that were recently introduced, or are about to be, in Dynatrace. You have a chance to voice your opinion directly to the person responsible for designing the feature, suggest areas of improvement, work out the next steps, or simply say thank you. Positive feedback is always welcomed, too 😊