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Community Team
Community Team

In the Dynatrace Communitywe want to reward your passion, participation, and engagementThere are various gamification initiatives waiting for you, and various rewards, some virtual and some realin recognition of your knowledge and activity in the Community. This is our way of saying thanks for all the good work you do here. 


Besides ranks and badges, which are automatic, participation in all our engagement programs is optional. We encourage you to take part in them, but if you’re not interested, don’t worry about it.  



Monthly Challenge Awards recognize members who participate in our various challenging tasks. 

We publish a new challenge in the Community challenges forum every couple of weeks. We invite you to put your creativity and Dynatrace knowledge to the test by solving unique and fun use cases. Participation is rewarded in many ways. Just check the challenge post for details. 


An example Community challengeAn example Community challenge


Community Member of the Month Award 

The Community Member of the Month Award recognizes members who have consistently and significantly contributed to the Dynatrace Community. If you helped others in the forums, shared innovative product plugins and extensions, provided product enhancement requests, or attended the webinars and Dynatrace events – you can become the Community Member of the Month! 

Winners of this award are chosen at the end of the month by the Community team, based on member activity in various areas: forums, extensions, feedback, and knowledge sharing. If you win, you can be nominated again after 12 months. The award: $75 gift code to the Dynatrace store, dedicated article, and 200 bonus points!

Each month, we recognize Community members in two categories: Customer/Partner and Employee. 

Member of the Month awardMember of the Month award



User rank is the newest form of gamification that we've introduced in the new forum platformYou can see each person’s rank next to their username in the CommunityCheck anyone’s rank to get a quick idea of how much they are involved in the Community and their level of Dynatrace knowledge.  

But your rank isn’t just an indicator of your status in the Community. People with the highest ranks also have additional privileges in the forum, such as access to a closed Super User group ("DynaMights") where you can network with other Dynatrace experts, and they have access to additional forum features, such as the ability to edit tags and posts, and to send private messages to other Super Users. Read more about DynaMights here.


Here are the ranks you can get in the forum:

  • Newcomer – the first rank for all the new users of Dynatrace Forum 
  • Visitor 
  • Frequent Guest 
  • Observer – you acquire these ranks just by visiting our forum 
  • Participant 
  • Contributor 
  • Guide 
  • Organizer – you acquire these ranks by creating various content in the forum, such as replies, answers, questions or Product Ideas
  • Helper 
  • Advisor 
  • Mentor  
  • Pro – you acquire these ranks by helping others in the Community and having your answers accepted as a solution
  • Champion 
  • Leader 
  • Guru 
  • Legend – to reach the highest ranks in our forum and become a Super User, you need to not only provide valuable content and answers that are approved as solutions but also get bonus points for various participation activities in the forum, such as creating a tip article or winning the Community Challenge. 

Dynatrace Employees and DynaMights are also having a title before the rank, so you can quickly identify users from those groups. The rules for ranks are still the same for them.

Bonus points 

The highest levels of our ranking system are something that only the most active and passionate users can achieve. To get one of those titles, you not only have to provide valuable solutions and posts in the forum but also get bonus points for various other activities.  


Here are the Community activities for which you can earn bonus points: 

  • Becoming Member of the Month – 200 points 
  • Participating in our Community Challenges – various points 
  • Posting a new helpful thread in the Tips and Tricks forums: 100 points 
  • Having more than 10 accepted answers in a month: 200 points 
  • Creating an engaging topic with more than 10 replies from at least 5 users: 100 points 
  • Implementing your feedback about the forum: 100 points 
  • Reaching the 8th level of any badge: 100 points 
  • Having your post featured on the Community home page: 200 points 

Bonus points are awarded on monthly basis. 



In our new Leaderboards, you can quickly see which users are the top kudoed in each subforum 

There are no direct awards for participation in Leaderboards, but sometimes winning – making it to the top of the list  is the only reward a person needs. 


A Leaderboard exampleA Leaderboard example



Another way you can be rewarded for participation is badges. You get badges by performing specific activities in the Community, such as getting 25 kudos for your postsEvery time you win a badge, you are notified and you get a unique icon to add to the collection that is displayed in your forum profile. We will add new badges along the way, so there will always be a new challenge for you.  

Badges show everyone what you’ve achieved in the Community, and many of them are very hard to get, so you can be proud of your badges. 

If you need no stinking badges, however, you can just ignore them and turn off badge notifications in your profile settings. 


Badge examplesBadge examples


Community Rock Star Award 

Our highest honor, the Rock Star Award, is given out annually at the Dynatrace Perform conference. This award recognizes Dynatrace Community members who have provided exceptional contributions over the course of the year. 

Winners of this award are invited to take center stage at Perform to be recognized around the world and receive a special prize that all digital performance rock stars will love. 

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Are moderators excluded from Leaderboard, but can still hold and attain Ranks & gain Badges?

Community Team
Community Team

Hi @The_AM,


Yes, you retain your rank and badges. As for the leaderboards, I would need to double-check, but our intention was to exclude Moderators to make it possible for other faces appear there too 🙂