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Community Team
Community Team

We believe that half of the success of the Community is how easy it is to find what you need, so we're constantly working on making it as easy as possible. One of the best tools for finding what you want is using labels. Thanks to them, you can easily filter through hundreds of topics in the Community.  

We’ve set up our labels in a way that reflects both the Dynatrace product and how our users are using it on an everyday basis, so we all speak the same language. Now by simply labeling your posts correctly, you'll ensure more people will be able to find them and help you find solutions.  

The label structure

Here is the label structure used across all Dynatrace Self-service Support teams. As you can quickly notice, they're all centered around specific Dynatrace solutions: 



We merged all licensing labels (like DEM, DDU, etc.) into one. Besides that, we also created a special label for monitoring consumption in Dynatrace. 

account exp copy-50.jpg


As the Application Security solution grows, we added two new labels for specific questions about appsec attacks and appsec vulnerabilities.” 

account exp copy 2-50.jpg


As we wanted to be closer to the product with our label naming scheme, we’ve changed the “purepath” label (more precise one) into “distributed traces” (more general). Similarly,  all diagnostic topics are now under the “profiling and optimization” label. 

account exp copy 3-50.jpg


No significant changes in technologies’ naming. 

account exp copy 4-50.jpg


slo” label will gather all content around SLO/SLI/SLA. 

account exp copy 5-50.jpg


Although many of us got used to the “RUM” name, we have changed it to “real user monitoring”. It would make the label clear even for our newcomers. 

account exp copy 6-50.jpg


When you want to ask a question about extensions, use the “extension” label. And for all topics around improving Dynatrace Hub itself, use “hub”. 

account exp copy 7-50.jpg


The biggest change in the infrastructure monitoring labels is a division between classic log monitoring (v1 and v2 versions) which stays in “log monitoring", and the newest Log Management and Analytics powered by Grail, for which we’ve created a label “log analytics”.  

Besides that, there’s a new “processes” label for all the topics related to the “Technologies and processes” capability. 

account exp copy 8-50.jpg


The only big change here is the deletion of the “system” label. From good newswe finally changed the “amazon web services” label to the “aws,” as this naming is clearly more popular. 

account exp copy 9.png


We have adjusted the naming of some labels: “tags and metadata” became “tagging”, “security” is now “data privacy and product security”, and “mobileapp” transformed into “dynatrace mobile app.”  

We also divided the “notification” label into two separate labels: “problem notifications” and “platform notifications.” 

account exp copy 10-50.jpg


Similarly, as we did with “real user monitoring,cmc” is now a “cluster management console.” 

account exp copy 11-50.jpg


The only small change here is renaming “auto-update” to “updates”. 


There's also a list of labels associated with the new Dynatrace:


account exp copy 12.png



*All the labels can change in the future, as the Dynatrace grows and evolves every day. This article will be updated to reflect those changes. 


How to subscribe to content 

You can filter Community content based on a specific topic by just clicking on a label. You can also subscribe to labels to be notified about new content that appears in our Community on the topic. Just remember that following the label from a sub-forum will only show you content from that specific sub-forum. So, if you want to follow ideas and questions about “synthetic monitoring” you should follow the label both in Product Ideas and Synthetic Monitoring forums. 



DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

I think you used the Cloud image 2x, the 2nd time where you meant 'extensions'?

Community Team
Community Team

Thank you for the catch @fstekelenburg!

I've changed the picture to the correct one.