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Community Team
Community Team

One of the most frequent requests in our Community was to have a place dedicated to networking and exchanging experiences with others. Lo and behold, we present you with User Groups, a new type of sub-forum, a hub for people sharing an interest or two. 



The concept behind user groups


User groups sub-forum is planned as a place dedicated to our users and their initiatives. Big or small, open or hidden, we leave it to participants to manage themselves and create the environment they seek.


There are plenty of ways we are similar to each other, and it's up to you to decide what aspects to connect upon. Maybe it's upon your primary language, like the beloved users of our first two user groups: German and Portuguese



Requesting a user group


Every member of the Community can request a user group to be created. However, it has to meet the following requirements: 


  1. It must have a clear purpose and a point of contact to build around (language, industry, location, technology, etc.). 
  2. It can’t duplicate existing sub-forums.  
  3. There is no top limit of members for each user group, however, it should have at least five actively interested users to be considered.  
  4. Every user group should have an owner assigned, a person, or a group of people responsible for managing the place and creating content for it. 


💡 In case you have an idea for a User Group, please fill out the template attached below and send it to 📧



Rules & guidelines 


  • Even though the Community team is not moderating content posted in user groups, general Terms of Service still apply. Be respectful, kind, and mindful of posting sensitive data. 
  • All Dynatrace-related questions should land in Dynatrace Open Q&A or a particular sub-forum so everyone from the Community can benefit from it. The owner of each group should review the posted content to determine whether it should be moved to / summarized in the open forums.  
  • No content from closed and hidden groups should be revealed outside of them. No screenshots and quotes can be distributed to third parties without the author’s consent. 
  • User Groups with no engagement will be archived after six months, unless it is clearly communicated the group was dedicated to a reoccurring event taking place less than once every six months. 
  • Spamming, posting offensive, threatening, or hateful content in user groups will result in ban from the whole Community. 
  • As user groups is a separated place from the rest of the Community and the content presented there is often in languages other than English, the feature of labeling content is turned off.