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Azure Kubernete Services (AKS) DIFFERENT of Azure Container Services with Kubernetes (ACS)



I'm planning to install OneAgent to monitor Kubernetes on Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS), but in product documentation ( I just find procedure to Azure Container Services with Kubernetes (ACS) that is completely different than AKS.

ACS have a master server that is managed by customer, and in AKS, Microsoft manages the Master server.

In this documentation, is requested to enable OneAgent extention and 2 data is required:

"<resource group name>" and "<VM name>"

In ACS, I have VMs, but in AKS I just have nodes, not VMs. Question 1: This command is valid to nodes too?

If answer for question 1 is yes, we came to Question 2: I have an auto-scaling enabled, in this scenario, new nodes can be added automatically, how to enable OneAgent extension for all new nodes, auto-scaling can add to my environment?

According to this blog ( from @Katalin Varga, ACS now is AKS, but both services are quite different, specially to who manage VM Master Server, as I mentioned above.




I have the same question, but I am guessing that we should use the "normal" kubernetes deployement to handle the scaling.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

This is a naming glitch within the documentation between ACS for Kubernetes and AKS.

For AKS you can install the OneAgent on the compute nodes via the VM-Extension or (even manually) but the preferred way is the kubernetes native operator-rollout mechanism:

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