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Can no longer remove Kubernetes API Connection :(

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

We can no longer remove Kubernetes API connections within Dynatrace. Prior to the upgraded settings for Kubernetes, we were able to see all the connected clusters as a whole which was great. Now with the change we must go to each cluster and edit the settings. Okay that's fine, more steps but if we get more functionality, I can live with it. 

The issue is that I can no longer remove that connection. We use to be able to remove it from the settings, or even run the Delete in the API. All the API does is remove the credentials but the connections is still defined. Then when we run our Helm chart that deploys the API Connection and the Oneagent Operator Deployment to monitor the nodes, the API Section errors out and states that the Connection Name Exists and the URL exists. 


So in short we cannot repost the onboarding because an old onboarding exists. Where before we could delete and onboard all day long without issue. 




Results of the API:



But then I cant disable it: 



This is an API Connection for Cluster Metrics. I should be able to remove the entry for API Monitoring.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I suffer the same here. In my case, I am changing the cluster name and api url and leaving disabled.

I am now using the new operator, with the AG connection instead, so it does not "break" when I do a reinstall.

Site Reliability Engineer @ Kyndryl


Hi there, 


Also in the API update case you are not able to change the name , because need a Valid URL enpoint and not all the clusters uses this configuration, and null isn't works


"label": "K8s test changename",
"endpointUrl": null,
"active": false,
"certificateCheckEnabled": false,
"hostnameVerificationEnabled": false,
"prometheusExportersIntegrationEnabled": false,
"davisEventsIntegrationEnabled": false


  "error": {
    "code": 400,
    "message": "Constraints violated.",
    "constraintViolations": [
        "path": "endpointUrl",
        "message": "URL is already in use.",
        "parameterLocation": "PAYLOAD_BODY",
        "location": null
        "path": "endpointUrl",
        "message": "must not be null",
        "parameterLocation": "PAYLOAD_BODY",
        "location": null


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi all,

thanks for submitting this bug. 

The deletion of the setting can be triggered with the "Resets defaults" button in the UI. The name of the button misleading. We'll fix this. But the result is the same as deleting the configuration via the API. When you delete the configuration for monitoring the k8s cluster, the old data of the monitored k8s cluster stays in the Dynatrace environment. This is why we don't remove the entry from the list. Note that the k8s cluster is no longer monitored though.


Recreating a monitoring configuration of a k8s cluster that has been deleted recently, will be fixed.


Thanks for your feedback!


Hi @alois_mayr !

Thanks for the clarification but Reset defaults or delet by API dont change the name to avoid the colission names when some cluster is recreated,  also will be great delete the cluster from the configuration or API to have a clear visibility over the new clusters. 




When this fix will be available to delete/disable the API connection when no longer used?


Hi guys, 

I also have an old API connection that I would like to remove. It does not appear in the list over the active ones, probably because it is too old. However it can be navigated to using the entity ID. 

Using the API's I'm not able to GET the configuration either, I'll raise a support ticket.

Intility - Dynatrace Professional

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