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Define HU consumption on Openshift (K8s) based on Memory allocated to a namespace


Hi All,

On Openshift Dynatrace Operator, we have Classic FullStack mode deployed against namespaces. The HU consumption is being based on the App Node's memory. We would like it to calculate HUs based on memory allocated to the namespace only and not the node itself.

I believe this is an ideal case for App Only monitoring instead of Classic FullStack.

However, I'd like to get a confirmation if someone has tried this and if this is the case i.e. deploying Dynatrace Operator in App Only mode is doing to restrict HU consumption to the memory used by the Namespace PODS only and not the node itself.  





DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hi @amohammed51,

In App only mode you have to calculate with the pods memory limits. So some cases the full stack is more economical than the app only., because as I wrote App only consumption depends on the instrumented pods number and their memory limits.

Documentation example:

I hope it helps.

Best regards,


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