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Deploy OneAgent on OpenShift for application-only monitoring


Hello ,

I'm trying to follow these instructions from to deploy a OneAgent to monitor a spring boot application deployed under OpenShift Online 3.

firstly,i created a dockerfile and i insert these instructions into it with replacing environement id , the tocken , the one agent option and the command by the right variables.

ARG DT_API_URL="https://<environmentID>" ARG DT_API_TOKEN="<token>" ARG DT_ONEAGENT_OPTIONS="flavor=default&include=<technology1>&include=<technology2>" ENV DT_HOME="/opt/dynatrace/oneagent" RUN mkdir -p "$DT_HOME" && \ wget -O "$DT_HOME/" "$DT_API_URL/v1/deployment/installer/agent/unix/paas/latest?Api-Token=$DT_API_TOKEN&$DT_ONEAGENT_OPTIONS" && \ unzip -d "$DT_HOME" "$DT_HOME/" && \ rm "$DT_HOME/" ENTRYPOINT [ "/opt/dynatrace/oneagent/" ] CMD [ "executable", "param1", "param2" ] # the command of your application, e.g. java

and after that i did the build the application image by execute the next command

oc new-build --binary --strategy=docker --allow-missing-images yourapp

however, it seems that isn't working for me , as I'm getting the following error :

[root@CHBSLADT01TST LambdaAir]# oc new-build --binary --strategy=docker --allow-missing-images zuuloo

W0627 05:53:42.764249 1035 newapp.go:317] Could not find an image stream match for "zuuloo". Make sure that a Docker image with that tag is available on the node for the build to succeed.

* A Docker build using binary input will be created

* The resulting image will be pushed to image stream "zuuloo:latest"

* A binary build was created, use 'start-build --from-dir' to trigger a new build


--> Creating resources with label build=zuuloo ...

imagestream "zuuloo" created

error: buildconfigs "zuuloo" is forbidden: build strategy Docker is not allowed

--> Failed


Has anyone experienced similar issues and if you solved them, how did you do it?


@Zbyszek C, @Daniela R. , i think that you exposed to this issue , could you help me please.

Many thanks,




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Why didn't you add agent in runtime like here?

It's easier way and better because you will not need building image everytime.


Regards, Sebastian

i didn't undrestand the different instructions especially what i need to do firstly ?

In fact,i couldn't undrestand what the meaning of the followings instructions

  1. Extend your deployment template with initContainer, which will download OneAgent, and make it available as a volume. See the # initcontainer to download OneAgent and # Make OneAgent available as a volume sections of the example below.
    Possible values for the DT_ONEAGENT_OPTIONS:
    • <FLAVOR>: The flavor of your image. Use either default or musl.
    • <TECHNOLOGY>: The OneAgent code module required for your application. Valid options are all, java, apache, nginx, nodejs, dotnet, php, and go. You can specify several code modules, use the &include=<technology1>&include=<technology2> syntax for that.
  2. Add the newly created volume to the container of your application. See the # your application containers section of the example below.

You should have yaml script responsible for container startup. There you should paste extra configuration according to documentation. This is all you need to do, than you will have no need for building images each time. This is old way of instrumatation.


Regards, Sebastian

Hello sebastian,

I created a file yaml in the project and i inserted into it the template below with replacing

the value, the tocken ,environement id , the option par the right values.

After that, i consult the interface dynatrace , i didn't see the application.

it's right that i did?

many thanks,

Seems ok but you have to add proper

Parameters like API url, PaaS token and API key. Without this your script os not able to download OneAgent, install it and instrument process.

All details are in documentation I’ve pasted.

I don’t have access to computer for checking but in tank important are indents in row. If you will have any errors be sure that everything has right indent 🙂

Regards, Sebastian


thanks but where can i find the yaml script .

you find below the screenshot for the application deployed on openshift online with the different service.

best regards,


Here you have some details about deployment templates:

Regards, Sebastian

thanks a lot

In fact, when i acceded to the interface of the openshift where the application id deployed , i consult the different services

firstly, i consult the airports service and i found the yaml file belowmy questions are:

the modification in the documentations should be inserted in this file

knowing that the application contains services, should i modify the yaml file for each service

best regards,


I’m not open shift admin actually, we are sending configuration to client andinistrators and they are making all changes, so sorry but I will not help here anymore 😞 but maybe somebody else has some extra knowledge about this. This is rather question to open shot community I think.


Regards, Sebastian

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