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Do I need both OneAgent and Kubernetes operators?


Can OneAgent and Kubernetes operators both have to be installed for monitoring?
Or is it ok to only have K8 operator integration? 


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Dynatrace Operator is not for monitoring, but for managing OneAgent, who are run on individual Kubernetes or Openshift pods. Only OAs perform monitoring or you can run a custom plugin at the ActiveGate to pull additional metrics to DT.


Have a nice day!

Hi Radek,

What I wanted to ask, is one agent installation at a server level (Install OneAgent on Linux | Dynatrace Docs) is required and then on top of that kubernetes installation (Set up Dynatrace on Kubernetes/OpenShift | Dynatrace Docs), or is Kubernetes installation alone is sufficient and we don't need oneagent on a server level(Install OneAgent on Linux | Dynatrace Docs)?


The installation on Kubernetes alone (by Dynatrace Operator) is sufficient and there is no need to monitor additionally the hardware layer on which the K8S is running.

Have a nice day!

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