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Docker event stream notifications

Does Dynatrace support listening to the Docker Event stream? 


We currently have a bash script/service that notifies us on slack upon various container events. Is there a away I can create a custom event in Dynatrace to then pass onto slack via Alert Integration?

Screenshot 2022-10-13 144743.png


The Only events Dynatrace show me currently are a custom Deployment Event we send to denote a release and the event of the inner service node.js app's restarting. Nothing indicates a container restart or any other event even when just running docker restart {container}


Ultimately these containers will probably end up in Azure Container App so a VM script/service isn't available. The platform is new and I don't think Dynatrace has a direct oneagent integration like it did with VM or AKS and instead leans toward DAPR and opentel integration (from my 5 mins of reading)


Any other solutions would be appreciated. 


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@benjamin_mullan were you able to get a solution to pulling in your event stream? If so could you please share it with the community?


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