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Docker purepaths not visible in Dynatrace Managed


Hi All,

I have installed oneagent in openshift servers running on docker and we are able to see the hits but no purepaths are seen except "/healthcheck" as in snap below.

Can anyone point out why am unable to see any trasactional purepaths.


Gopikrishnan R.



Hello Gopikrishnan,

I see from your screenshot that you drilled down from a problem to the PurePaths, this scenario will only show you the PurePaths related to the problem that you drilled down from.

In Dynatrace, the PurePaths are broken down by service. If you click on Docker -> Services (displays list of dockerized services) -> click a service -> Service Details -> click view resource requests/database statements/dynamic requests (depending on the service you are looking at) -> click more -> view PurePaths.

The thing about Dynatrace is that the AI behind the tool bubbles up the issues that are occurring in your environment, this reduces the need to scroll through PurePaths on a regular basis. As you noticed, when there is a problem, the click path to find your related PurePaths is much shorter.


David Nicholls

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