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Does OneAgent Operator able to differentiate based on Kubernetes Namespace?

I want to make pods in K8S namespace A mapped to environment A of Dynatrace Managed; then pods in K8S namespace B mapped to environment B of Dynatrace Managed.

How can OneAgent Operator do this?

Based on my understanding, it seems like it either mapped instances of all the different namespaces to environment A or environment B.

Based on what I read, it seems the taint and tolerations only has something to do with nodes, but not namespace.

Anyone has any idea on how I might be able to achieve this? thanks, any comment is welcome.

Best Regards,

Wai Keat


DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

I don't think this can currently be done unless you make sure the pods in each namespace run on dedicated nodes which receive a OneAgent that talks to the desired environment/tenant. In that case you might have to run two separate operators, one for each environment.

The other "solution" is to use app-only monitoring and manually deploying the OneAgent into each pod/container.

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Currently not possible. You can only separate different environments on a node by node basis via labels.

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