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Kubernetes vm reboot status


Hi Team,


We have One Agnets installed on Kubernetes VM, Where can i check the reboot status of Kubernetes vm in dynatrace.



Mayana Khan



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

When you see host dashboard, you have Events on right. If there was any event like restart since you've installed oneagent, and you will cover this timeframe using global time picker on top, you will see it there. You should see uptime as well on host dashboard.

You've pasted this question on appmon forum, but you're talking about OneAgent, so this is info for Dynatrace.


Regards, Sebastian

Sorry wrong forum !!

In splunk and Azure we can see we have a event that the node was rebooted. But we don`t have any event/status in dynatrace. PFB screenshot for your reference.

Not on this place, lower. Look on Event dashlet. Expand timeframe to see moment of time when restart should be and you will see it there. Restart is so short that may be not visible in availability.

As well here, you have uptime of host, so you cen determine when was las restart.

Regards, Sebastian

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