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Envoy monitoring doesn't "just work"?


I'm wondering if anyone can help me troubleshoot my Envoy monitoring setup. I've enabled Envoy monitoring and was expecting to see a bunch of Envoy proxies pop up in my 'Services' page including my ingress gateways but nothing is happening. The docs suggest that simply enabling envoy is all I need to do but it feels like I'm missing something here. 

Any advice?



Hi stevemdt


First to all. you need to check 4 things. and could be usefull explain maybe with examples what you did. 


1 - Envoy version ?

2 - do you enable envoy in technologies ?

2 - where are you trying to deploy the agent? (k8s, iks, eks, etc....)

3 - documentation that you follow up


this is the version that its supported - Envoy Support 

here you can see where enable envoy - Get Started

maybe you are using this approach  enabling istio in the yaml ? - DynaKube parameters

maybe you are using the prometeus approach - Monitor Prometheus metrics in kubernetes


it is hard to give advice without more information


hope it helps

have fun



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