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Golang version support for full service discovery and monitoring (via Docker)




I am trying to POC Dynatrace to monitor our Golang services, but I keep running into a wall.

Every services we have run in Docker Containers so I used the OneAgent inside a docker container as well.

It seems that it succesfully discover every process group but no service. I have two other docker containers running on the host machine (locally, for POC reasons) which use http/net to fetch from the net and output JSON.

When looking at the process of one Go service, the following message appear

Activation of deep monitoring was unsuccessful
Dynatrace OneAgent is unable to activate deep monitoring for this process because an unsupported version of Go has been detected.

Which is surprising because The Go page specifically says it supports go1.13. I have tried so far with go1.12 and go1.13

I have thouroughly read the known limitations and build my binary with -ldflags '-linkmode=external' on a Debian image (golang:1.13 default image)

I would appreciate if someone managed to get Golang services to appear normally,






DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

What agent version do you have?


Regards, Sebastian

Hi Sebastian,

I fetched the latest image dynatrace/oneagent:latest, which i believe it to be 1.179

Dynatrace Watchdog

Version: - built 2019.11.13 08:27:17

Check SupportArchive logs as well, maybe there will be any hint about details of this situation.


Regards, Sebastian

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