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Graphing container startup times?

Frequent Guest

I read that it is supposed to be possible to graph/track container startup times after enabling "Monitor workload resource metrics" in a cluster. (kubernetes). 

I have enabled this for one cluster for testing but I still cannot see anywhere to find "Startup time" for a container. 

Do more features need to be enabled for this to work? I have checked that our AcctiveGate is a recent enough version that this should be working. 


Community Team
Community Team

Hello @ianw ,

Here is a documentation article where you can find out how to monitor important Kubernetes/Openshift events, including Starting and how to chart them:

Monitor Kubernetes/OpenShift events - Monitor important events 

"To enable monitoring of important events, when event filtering is turned on

  1. In the Dynatrace menu, go to Kubernetes.

  2. Find your cluster and select More () > Settings.

  3. Turn on Include important events.

    If you don't see the Include important events switch, make sure that Monitor events and Filter events are turned on first.

  4. Select Save changes."

Let us if this helped - if not, I'll try to consult our experts then

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