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Historical data of OpenShift pods for an environment


Has anyone found a way or see if DT will retain historical data of pods that have come and gone? While we know there are OS tools to see this, we'd love to have the one stop in DT to show us on given day how many pods were active and what they were. In hosts the pods, once removed, eventually drop off the metrics. For physical hosts, we get this makes sense but for OSE there is valuable data for how a pod looked since it will never be the same one in another month/week etc.



Hello. I am looking for answer to simular question

Can one help please!

Regards, Igor

P.s. I have found quite an old not answered post. I am archaeologist!


I am also looking for similar information. I.e., I want to know how long DT will retain information on containers that are no longer active. We are using DT to monitor OpenShift in Application-Only mode and teams are asking me how long they will be able to view info for a container after it ceases to be live. Does anyone have an answer for this?

I think the general rules for data retention apply here. So it's depending on the data you want to see. For the retention periods see retention chapter in the documentation.

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