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How can we sum bytes received/sent from specific application inside openshift?


Hello, friends!

Do Dynatrace have any capacity to monitor in/out traffic from a specific application and aggregate it by day/week/month .etc

We have an openshift cluster and one of our services download data from FTPS/S3 and also upload it back so I'm interested in seeing how much traffic was downloaded/uploaded by service today/yesterday .etc in total

for example:

we have serviceA() and what I wanna see is:

total bytes received today: 1GB

total bytes sent today:        2GB


If I asked question in the wrong place, please move it to the correct location, thx 🙂



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Hey @AlexJ ,

you can do that, however only on the process group instance level only. It's not possible to do it on the service level or request level. Dynatrace monitors process incoming and outgoing traffic on process only and it's only in rate (bytes/s). But you can use metric expressions to get an estimate:


This is however only an estimate based on the measured transmitted/received bytes rate.

On the service level, if the request/response is an HTTP request and it contains a Content-Lengh header, you can define a request attribute and then use the value in the MDA chart for example or use the calculated service metric and then use it in Data Explorer:





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