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How to monitor a specific namespace in Kubernetes?



hope to get help.

Monitoring k8s, only monitoring a specific namespace, can this be implemented, if so, what configuration needs to be done.



Although the help document, found some relevant information, but still a little bit not understand.

Configure monitoring for namespaces and pods | Dynatrace Docs

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi @Lwl ,

you can go with the same way mentioned in the link you've shared or before the implementation for monitoring K8s, You can create the needed rules as per the following screenshot from the UI settings, I do recommend using do not monitor as this works for me to exclude some namespaces



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Thank you for your reply.

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

The solution depends on the Dynatrace deployment model you use in k8s see

If you use classic full stack (still the default if you deploying it using the guided UI approach), then the container rules mentioned by @Mohamed_Hamdy  apply. 

If you use the cloudNativeFullStack or application only, it's described on the page mentioned by @Lwl - you define monitoring rules in your kubernetes deployment by labeling the namespaces and setting the annotiations at pods to exclude a particular pod from being monitored (if required).

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