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How to track Host/Container destroyed



During a meeting las
week one customer raised a question that we don't know. Currently they are
tracking Containers activity using AppDynamics and they tool is not able to get
information from Host/Containers which have been already destroyed. They are only
able to get info from up&running Host/containers.

Is able Dynatrace
SaaS to track information from destroyed Containers?

Thanks in advance.



Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hello Alberto,

yes, Dynatrace also shows information for destroyed containers. As you can see in the screenshot below several instances of the nodejs-proxy have been stopped at 14:54

When hovering over the graph all details for CPU, Memory, Traffic and CPU Throttling are shown also for stopped containers for the selected time.

More importantly than container metrics may be the fact that Dynatrace also knows which services are running inside of your container. Even if a service is clustered over several containers is automatically detected from Dynatrace.

As also the service response time is taken into context - you can easily see if there is a negative effect to a services when a container is stopped.

In this context also the "Docker log analytics" feature may be interesting - it allows to access logfiles even if a container has been stopped. Therefore, the application running inside docker needs to implement the standard json-file logging driver. More information about docker log monitoring can be found in this: blogpost.

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