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Monitor Percentage of PODs in Namespace


We would like to only monitor 50% of PODs in our Kubernetes test environment where there are multiple provisonings happening in a single day. I know that we can disable POD/Container monitoring from the settings menu by namespace, name or ID, but this is static.


Is there a way to dynamically configure Dynatrace only to monitor a percentage of PODs in a given time? I've checked API documentation but I've only seen monitoring configuration on a host basis.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

No, it is not possible to tell dynatrace to monitor only a certain percentage of pods. 


If it's a multi node cluster you could use a selector in the operator to roll out the agent only to 50% of your worker nodes though.

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Hi Pahofmann,

Please can you tell me where is the option in Dynatrace UI to select particular worker node to roll out agent.

In the meantime there are more options to control instrumentation on k8s e.g. by namespace. You can use container monitoring rules.


Depending on how you rollout the agent there are also different options. With the operator you can use namespaceSelector or nodeSelector, depending on the monitoring mode, you can select specific namespaces or nodes wo monitor.

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