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Monitoring easytravel on minishift - oneagent deep monitoring disabled



I watched the webinar (APM for Openshift) in
the Dynatrace University site.

I am trying to monitor the easy travel displayed in the webinar with minishift instead ( I got it
working in minishift (

in minishift a virtual
machine with Centos is the one who runs the openshift cluster. I
installed oneagent on this virtual machine sucessfully (had to run it manually because /etc and other directories are stored in memory). However, when I go to Deploy status, the deep monitoring is disabled:

So no services are shown. Is there a way to
activate deep monitoring temporary for this machine? I tried to
change this settings in process group, and then scale down the
pods and scale up again, but still no services

I am trying to prepare, in my laptop, a demo
for a customer who is interested in monitoring Openshift.

Any help will be appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Antonio Villarroel




Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hi Antonio,

Have you made sure your agent is not configured in infrastructure monitoring mode? You can check this in the host properties (Monitoring Mode) and it can be changed in the Host Settings Monitoring Mode tab (Full Stack Monitoring must be enabled).

Although it won't make much difference with minishift running on a single node, you might want to consider using the OneAgent Operator (or the Daemonset) in your demo/discussion (see here : ). The Operator is a preferred approach for OpenShift/k8s admins to deploy and maintain the agent as they don't need access to the underlying OS and it easily deploy the OneAgent in the whole OpenShift environment (whatever the size) with just a few lines of command. In my opinion, this makes the deployment discussion much more interesting to the OpenShift platform ops team.

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