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Openshift pod killed due to instrumentation overhead on jboss-cli-client.jar


I'm having a blocking problem on Openshift due to a "unwanted" OneAgent instrumentation, and it would be very useful to exclude a specific jar file to be monitored. Can I configure OneAgent to exclude it?

Going deeper into this problem, after starting each POD, its status is "running".

When the POD is in status "running", the replication controller sends a check connect through the JBOSS CLI remote jar (jboss-cli-client.jar).

The check connect timeout is set to 10 seconds and normally, when the POD starts up without OneAgent, the response takes only 2 seconds.

When the POD is started with OneAgent, the agent injects itself into the JVM process, including the jboss-cli-client.jar which is only executed to check if POD is running.

This instrumentation takes a long time, causing a slowdown in the POD response of 30 seconds, which means it ends with a timeout after 10 seconds; this timeout lets the replica controller believe that the POD does not start correctly, causing a kill process that ends the POD.

Have you ever found this behavior? If yes, how did you solve it?





thanks to Roberto Vannucci, we solved the issue by excluding the jboss-cli-client.jar in settings->monitoring->monitoring overview

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