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Oneagent not running on all nodes of AKS cluster

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I had Dynatrace deployed to my Kubernetes cluster for quite some time now before I removed it to modify the config file. This was done as Dynatrace was not identifying it as a cluster. Before I removed it, oneagents were running on each of the 5 nodes of the cluster. After I redeployed DT, oneagents are running as it should only on 2 of the 5 nodes. Here are a few images explaining the issue.

List of pods in the dynatrace namespace

get podsget pods

Active pods (with consumption)

top podstop pods

Describing one of the pending oneagent pods:

describe poddescribe pod

There hasn't been any changes made to the cluster during the time redeployment was done, so there wouldn't have been any changes in the allocation/consumption of resources. Any input is appreciated. TIA


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Is your deployment using a containerized AG? What Dynatrace Operator version are you using? 


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