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Monitoring default Kubernetes (rancher) services written in GO which are statically linked


Do you have any experience can the Dynatrace agent inject itself to "default" Kubernetes processes written on GO and are statically linked?

We are utilizing Rancher RKE1 version 1.21.8 currently and it's pushed using Golang version 1.16.12.
Operating system is currently Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7.9 (Maipo). Our Dynatrace setup is running in classicFullStack mode with operator version 0.9.1 & agents are currently on version 1.253.245.

Our users have asked that we need to enable visibility at least to following Kubernetes default services:
kube-proxy, calico-node, kube-flannel

I have already tried to enable the instrumentation for those services but the agent flags the following error. Would also appreciate if anyone knows can we a bit more information out from the agents why the agent can't recognize the Go build version correctly?

[native] MetadataDeserializer: Metadata not found for Go build version: 0.0.0
[native] GoAgent: Requesting external metadata newer than cached 20221108-155959 from server...
[native] GoAgent: Failed to request external metadata: no metadata receive
[native] GoAgent: Failed to check for external metadata: unsupported Go version, external metadata available
[native] GoAgent: Periodic injection error update: UnsupportedGoVersion

Does anyone in this forum has some experience if the direct injection is even doable for those services on rancher environment because currently not sure if those processes would be even supported in our case.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@janne_olkoniemi were you able to get this working and directly injected?


Nope, not yet.

Currently I'm trying to arrange some own on-prem Kubernetes cluster for me so that I would some environment where to debug this with Dynatrace support since currently haven't been able to full-fill the request sen by support on our shared clusters. 

Just going to be on holiday next week and I hope that can continue with this after that.

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