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Tracking CORS issue in Azure Kubernetes Service Cluster


Hi there, we have a peculiar issue inside an AKS cluster where multiple services exist. And have multiple ingresses. 

However, possibly due to some misconfiguration(s) out there (in a wild cluster), CORS is occurring in the browser for one of the key transactions (Login), causing the page to slow down (JS loading icon).


Among the multiple Kubernetes resources like services, ingresses, and API endpoints. 

  •  Is there a way Dynatrace can help gain insight into CORS-related issues from end to end? (Transaction flow, PurePath) 
  • Visualise the service-to-service interactions, (might give some hint about the API calls)
  • Gain insight into ingresses route rules
  • Distributed tracing across multiple pod interacting for single login transaction 





DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@rswarnkar were you able to get any solution to this? were you able to leverage dynatrace to find the misconfiged cluster?


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