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Release monitoring for applications?


Hi community,

In our company we're having multiple SaaS application which we're monitoring with agentless RUM. For some application we can do "configuration releases" via an automated pipeline. We were hoping to use the custom event ingestion to register the release into Dynatrace as well. Looking at the documentation and doing a small test the release monitoring only seems to be possible for PROCESS_GROUP_INSTANCE. Is there a way to use this for other type of entities?

Reasons for doing this: one place having all releases/config changes registration and secondly we want to feed Davis AI with as much as info possible hoping it can correlate application issues also with releases.

Looking forward seeing your response,

Kind regards,



Fyi the example event according to the docs:


  "eventType": "CUSTOM_DEPLOYMENT",

  "title": "Easytravel 1.1",

  "entitySelector": "type(PROCESS_GROUP_INSTANCE),tag(easytravel)",

  "properties": {

    "":"Easytravel 1.1",

    "dt.event.deployment.version": "1.1",

    "dt.event.deployment.release_stage": "production" ,

    "dt.event.deployment.release_product": "frontend",

    "dt.event.deployment.release_build_version": "123",

    "approver": "Jason Miller",

    "dt.event.deployment.ci_back_link": https://pipelines/easytravel/123,

    "gitcommit": "e5a6baac7eb",

    "change-request": "CR-42",


    "dt.event.is_rootcause_relevant": true





Hi Daan, have you tried changing the entitySelector value to something like




Can you show us what you have tried?


Hi cv_dewr,

Thanks for you comment. I tried yesterday with the options you've indicated and gave it another try this morning with a fresh mind. 

I've made some progress but it's not yet what I fully expect. First, using the exact example in the docs, and replacing only the first part with "type(APPLICATION),tag(myapptag)" gave an 201 response and no info in Dynatrace was visible:

{  "eventIngestResults": [    {
      "correlationId": "string",      "status": "INVALID_ENTITY_TYPE"
  "reportCount": 0

This morning I did another try with the same and noticed another error: "code": 400,
"message": "Could not map JSON at 'properties' near line 12 column 47". After fixing somehow some missing quotes it was successful and a event has been created with a correlationID.

However the deployment info is only as an event within the application and there's no entry being made in the release page. I would expect the release update would be visible over there (having one complete overview on all deployments done in the environment).

I appreciate your help in this.

Kind regards,



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