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Time for reenable the host monitoring


Hi all,

If I turn off the Monitoring for a spaecific Host:





How many time appears this host listed in the UI in order to reenable the monitorization on it?


Regards, Josep Maria


DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

In specific gui Settings/Monitoring overview/Hosts it will be available all the time. I suppose you will only disable it via GUI and not stop/uninstall on specific host.

Alanata a.s.

Hi, @rastislav_danis ,


thanks for your response, yes only disable it via GUI. So, in this case we will be able to reenable monitoring form the GUI all the time (the hos doesn't disappear from the GUI)?


Regards, Josep Maria

Disabled host will not disappear from Settings section of GUI. Host will only disappear/appear in Hosts GUI according to selected timeframe. There is one more GUI part named Deployment status, where you can also see disabled hosts (however in actual version 222 it's limited to 7 months).

Alanata a.s.



no, it will not disappear in the UI, it will show up as "monitoring disabled", and you can use the UI to re-enable it:


So you can navigate there again and re-enable it any time.

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