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Update the image of the OneAgent in Kubernetes



I was wondering how I would be able to update the image of the OneAgent in Kubernetes.

We have a problem with aks version 1.26.2 that enables cgroups v2. We have enabled the feature flags in this article:

But when we do that our application breaks. We are using the latest tag in our deployments but it doesn't use the v1.253 version that fixes this issue and let's us run the OneAgent pod unprivileged.

Running the OneAgent pod in privileged mode will break our application after every deploy.


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hey Jorik,

How are the OneAgent Pods being deployed currently? If you are using the Dynatrace Operator, the OneAgent Pod should have its lifecycle managed and be updated. If automatic updates are disabled, you can execute the following to manually update the OneAgent pods.

kubectl -n dynatrace rollout restart daemonset/<DYNAKUBE>-oneagent


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