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queries to Postgresql are not visible from all applications


I have successfully installed one agent in a k8s environment. There I have 2 applications and a Postgres cluster. The first application is tomcat based and the second one is pure java one. When I call the endpoints of the tomcat application I could see the SQL calls in the databases tab in the dynatrace dashboard. From Transactions and services / <my application> I could also see the connection to the database and the monitoring is working as expected. The second application is java one as I previously said but when I examine it I couldn't see a connection to the database () and any SQL queries from the pure paths but in the Postgres command-line client, I could see that the calls successfully reached the DB and impacted the schema. The two apps share a common project which makes the calls using a JDBC driver. My question is why I am able to see the calls to the DB from the tomcat app and not from the pure java one.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

A few questions:

1) Can you clarify that you're using a JDBC driver and not a JDBS driver.

2) I'm a bit unclear as to whether the 'non-tomcat' application whether you're seeing any purepaths at all. If not, then perhaps you need to create service endpoint (Custom service) where a purepath can start. Traditionally Dynatrace only starts a purepath from 'known' starting points such as Servlet and web service endpoints. A simple Main() will not suffice for a purepath starting point.

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