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Workflows for automating your production environment with Dynatrace and Red Hat Ansible

Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast

Hello Dynatrace Community, 

Here is the first article of the series presenting the various Workflows samples that can help you in your various tasks from everyday work. We’re starting with automation between Red Hat Ansible and Dynatrace. 


The first sample workflow will help you orchestrate the auto-remediation with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, incident management with ServiceNow, and messaging via Slack to reduce downtime and MTTR. Thanks to it, you can automate tasks like: 

  • Inform the correct team via Slack 
  • Create a ServiceNow ticket and update it with remediation details 
  • Initiate the remediation scenario to reset the canary weighting with the Red Hat Ansible Automation Controller 
  • (Optionally) Allow the handing over of parameters for the Ansible job template execution. 
  • Link remediation details to the problem in Dynatrace and document them in ServiceNow. 

You can set a fine-grained filter to run a workflow for an event with an active state, error category, filters for additional tags like release stage or environment, and an identified root cause entity. 



The second workflow is here to mitigate CPU and failure rate with Red Hat Event Driven Ansible. Besides the use cases from above, like automating communication on Slack, this workflow can: 

  • Forecast situations with high load of CPU and initiate change and remediation scenarios before downtime occurs, thanks to Davis AI 
  • Identify and inform relevant stakeholders 
  • Map the correct playbook to the DAVIS event, thanks to Red Hat Event-Driven-Ansible 




Link to the GitHub repo with both samples 

For more details and information, check out this blog post on How Red Hat and Dynatrace intelligently automate your production environment. 


If you have more examples of workflows combining the features of Dynatrace and Red Hat Ansible, let us know! This GitHub repository is community-driven, and it’s here for you and your workflows and contributions. Help others use automation in Dynatrace to the fullest and learn its features and possibilities along the way. 


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Thank you!

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