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RedMed - Native Remediation for the Dynatrace Platform


Good news Everyone! 



One of the usual challenges with Dynatrace Platform has been handling situations requiring remediation without additional solutions. "Can you handle restarts.." and things like that.

Over the years, there have been various approaches to address the problem. lastly with workflows and integrating with third-party solutions to execute remediation tasks, ex: Ansible... However, what if you wanted to have EVERYTHING within Dynatrace:

* Task Definition
* Task Execution Plane
* Task Orchestration.

Until now, that has been a tough luck scenario!

So... here at PowerCloud, we have created RedMed to address this gap and be able to finally say, "Yes, you can do that with Dynatrace!" lol.

RedMed is a solution for: 

  • Infra teams to handle remediations fast and with control.
  • DevOps and SRE to control the request definitions that an app requires at the lower standby level based on existing telemetry information.

So the idea here was to use the Platform Capabilities to create the close loop App that not just fixes the situation, but also posts it back to Dynatrace, you know... for context.

So, here are a few Screenshots






And not only for the Monolithic approach or even OneAgent-only ingested telemetry... the idea here is to use DP as a single view for remediations for all data that is sent to Dynatrace, even with other solutions (ex Telegraf agent).


Also, what if you want to "fix" all those workloads that request a lot of memory that is never used...  well it's time to create the definition and let Dynatrace & RedMed do the Rest... you are just an execution away from being able to get back those expensive resources that are reserved and not used!


Also, you can use a calendar that allows users to pick a date and check how many remediations were run and which ones. The feature provided a clean overview of activities over time, helping users identify patterns. 


So this is mostly an evolution of different MVPs that we are working on with a few of our customers, and all revolves around remediations... but I want to show the Capabilities of Dynatrace Platform and how the components can be used to create complex and custom solutions.


We've got the data, so let's do something amazing with it!


Services Solution Engineer @PowerCloud - Observability/CloudOps Certified / Former SE @Dynatrace.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Great app development @Dant3! awesome :clap:

-César S. -

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