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Custom Solutions Spotlight - tips and tricks for posts

Community Team
Community Team

Hello, Dynatrace Custom Solutions Creators, 

While we encourage creativity in describing your custom solution, consider including the following information to help users navigate the forum content: 



  • Be as creative as you like! Just remember to include the name of the Custom solution in the beginning, so it will be easier to find it, both in search engines and the Dynatrace Community itself 


  • Remember to link to the place where users can download your Custom solution. Usually, it is best to put the link right at the beginning of the post. 
  • Describe the use case(s) your custom solutions fulfill so that users immediately understand what they get by installing it. If the app needs additional steps during the installation process, describe it here 
  • Screenshots can tell more than words, so use them to illustrate the story of your app! But remember to limit the image sizes so the page will load faster 
  • It would be great if you introduced yourself and your company – one or two sentences should be enough 
  • While there is no limit on the number of words for your article, usually, users prefer something to the point 


  • Let your users know that you'll support them by answering their questions in this thread in the Community 
  • Also, inform users that Dynatrace itself does not provide support for your custom solution. This will save time for users, yourself, and Dynatrace support. 



  • If you have more information that you want to share (like docs, troubleshooting, etc.), link everything at the end so the users will have an easier time finding information about the custom solution 
If you have any questions about the Community, you can contact me at

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