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HostName lookup on timeseries process Grail query

Frequent Guest

I have DQL timeseries process query that I want to lookup the host and add the hostname field to the displayed fields.  The issue I'm having is identifying the source & lookup fields in the lookup function that would get me to the hostname for the host where the process is running.  Is there an example you can provide of a similar DQL query?

Also is there any documentation that identifies the available fields for a given dt.entity.... so that one can identify the entities & fields that will be required in order to lookup the field data to meet one's requirements?

I tried using the "runs_on" funciton below called out in Ex. 2 under the "Practical Examples" section in the lookup command doc found here, but this does not seem to work with my timeseries process query.


fetch dt.entity.service_instance
| lookup [ fetch ],
sourceField: runs_on[],
lookupField: id,
fields: { = }




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