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Using Calculated Service Metrics with Grail


Is it possible to use the Calculated Service Metrics in Grail just like we do in data explorer?

When testing we are receiving the error "There isn't a parameter calc."

Example: timeseries usage=avg(calc:name_metric), by:{dt.entity.service,Dimension}, interval:1h, from:$dt_timeframe_from, to:now()

What is the expected availability of trace data for consultation in DQL?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

It is not possible yet. Same for the extension metrics.

So far, the only "custom" metric available in Grail are the business event metrics.


Site Reliability Engineer @ Kyndryl

Thanks for the feedback @dannemca 

This is not good, I understand that it is still not the best option to use the new Dashboards for simple indicators such as HTTP status code distribution per application.

Hi @MarcioKaue 

Instead of use DQL for new Dashboards (as @dannemca mentioned is not possible yet for calculated service metrics), you can use Code level to get the data points of a calculated service metric using the Dynatrace API and then modify the code for the aggregation you are needing.
There's the GitHub Repo: GitHub - TechShady/Dynatrace-Dashboards-Gen3: This repo provides Business Grade Dashboards for Dynat...
Best Regards,

-César S. -

Hello @cesarsaravia  , thanks for the interaction.

If the data is present in the captured traces there is no point in this effort, we can still use Dashboards Classics with Calculated Metrics.

It is also an unnecessary cost to use DDUs to capture this information in the logs, I believe there is a roadmap to insert this data into Grail.

I would just like to know an estimated forecast...

Unfortunately, we can't provide an estimate of time because the roadmap is not public. Hope some Product Manager can help with this.
I recommend viewing the web page that @dannemca shared before, in there you will find the migrated metrics on every update of the platform. 


-César S. -


Waiting for a position from the product team on when we will be able to use trace data in Grail.


I would also like to see a status update to this. I would like to use a calculated service metric in a notebook to create a forecast based on it.



Is there any news on this feature? I also would like to use calculated service metrics in a notebook.

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