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Accessibility of a a web application URL



I need a way to monitor/dashboard the accessibility of a web application and display it on a dashboard.

it is as simple as a traffic light green if it's accessible and red if it isn't.

i need a way to do that without using the synthetic monitoring.

Do you have any recommendations ?

Thank you


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Without synthetic monitoring it may be hard, because, from application point of view, all may be fine, but application may be unavailable because for example network issue. Only what you will see there is lower throughput. Synthetic monitoring has good thing, because it tracks accesability from outside of your architecture. If this application is not available public, you may consider creating your own synthetic location inside your architecture, but with perseiving the same place of execution as regular users?


Regards, Sebastian

Thanks for the answer Sebastian.

All i want for the moment is to monitor the app accessibility server side and client side.

We have another tool for synthetic monitoring thats why i do not want to use it.

What are your recommendations for a dashboard that can display me some accessibility information without synthetic monitoring ?

There is no single metric that will tell you the full scope here. Connectivity is good option, but this one will not alert you about connectivity drop if traffic is coming from users browsers. Another option may be tracking throughput on application servers. It is too low unexpected, Dynatrace should raise problem for such case. But this will not cover such situations like holidays. Another thing is failure rate which as well may be root cause of site unavailability. But non of those metrics may be presented as traffic light (DT has no chart of this type that can be customized). You mas as well use cron script that will export data from your synthetic application and push it to DT as Custom metric. Last option will be considering simple http monitor that will try loading particular url and checking response code and response time. This is part of DT Synthetic, it does not consume much DEM units, does not need much configuration, but you can put there thresholds and see state of synthetic monitor as traffic light.


Regards, Sebastian

Thank you so much for this information.

That was very clear.

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