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Hola, saben como hacer para que aparezcan 2 metricas de dashboard (disponibilidad y ejecuciones fallidas) en un solo dashboard de monitoreo con una sola gráfica ???


Quisiera saber como puedo hacer para que 2 métricas de un tablero como son: disponibilidad y ejecuciones fallidas se vean reflejadas en una sola gráfica y no en dos (lineas)


Community Team
Community Team

Hello, do you know how to make 2 dashboard metrics (availability and failed executions) appear on a single monitoring dashboard with a single graph?

I would like to know how I can do so that 2 metrics of a board such as: availability and failed executions are reflected in a single graph and not in two (lines)

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DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Dynatrace managed so far does not have dual axis charts available, but you can add multiple data series to single custom chart. Than you can pick for example one series to be line and second to be stacked chart. In such case you should get what you need. But unfortunately charts in dynatrace does not have transparency option. In such case when you will have for example 2 metrics related to the same entity, than that will overlap and will not be easy to read.

There is no metric available for host / process availability. But you can use connectivity measure for this purpose. This measure tells about amount of failed / timeouted TCP connections vs proper ones. So this will give you availability (not totally accurate, but may be fine). Another option would be using Synthetic monitor to click though application, or just make http monitor, health check request.

Failed executions is tracked on service level and it calls failure rate. So you can use Service FailureRate measure. But this will not give you answer about particular endpoints. On January 2020 there will be option for creating custom measures based on transaction data, that will allow you to track particular requests on dashboard. -> here is recording of related webinar.


Regards, Sebastian

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