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Application Version on to Dashboard

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Hello Team,

hope you are doing good, I need help in getting the Process application versions to display on the dashboard.

The tile where it shows the availability of the Process, if I click on that then it will show be the app version instead of that need to have them against each process itself on the dashboard please, can you please me in setting up this onto dashboard against each process please.. ?

I have attached the example of pic of application version.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

So Dynatrace doesn't offer this as a typical tag in terms of a dynamic tag Key:Value Pair. So as a result, you would need to define out a custom tag rule that target the processes where the process property of ApplicationVersion= <Your defined value>. So if you have 5 versions, you'll have to make 5 rules that targets each version number one by one. 


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