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Bad Usability


Guys, it's extremely bad to work with this new Dynatrace dashboard. It is not possible to select several tiles just by dragging the mouse, we need to select them one by one. When we move a tile, it disconfigures the entire dashboard, it's terrible to include an image, I would say that this doesn't work, because you can't position your tile where you need it, you can't keep the image in the place you want it, The spacing between the tiles is bad, in many cases I put a blank tile to get what I need, which doesn't always work, anyway, please, is there something on the road map to improve the experience with this new dashboard?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

we can add your feedback to the product designers. There is a feedback channel on the dashboards. @Lauri_Monroy  manages many of these UI Segments. 


Okay, @ChadTurner, thanks. I'll do it.

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