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Bug for key-request count on dashboard


I added a metric count of key requests to dashboard.

we see on the dashboard an amount equal to 16

metric -> Request Count of Key-request

but when I go drill-down into key-request diagnostics, I see a different amount

it is only 4 purepath

Is it bug ?


Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast

Hey Mikhali,

The number of PPs will almost always be less than the number of actual requests as Dynatrace samples the data on the PP level and groups PPs together if they are very similar to each other in their performance. If you hover over one of the PPs you will be able to see phrases like "5 other PPs like this one".

I hope this helps!



Hello , Thank you for answer.

Could you please send a link to the documentation where it is described.

I was told that dynatrace captures every operation without aggregation and sampling.

And if I capture different request attributes (for example, transaction id), then it turns out I can’t see them?

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

This happens typically for Adaptive Traffic Management. If your process group instance is called more often than the limit (1000 request/minute), some requests are not captured and you get "x other purepaths like this".

See more details here:

In Managed, you can increase the limit, but it may result into increased overhead. In SaaS you cannot get captured more than 1000 PP/minute from a process group instance.

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