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How can I get percentile results on "time spent on calls" in Services metrics


Currently i see only "Sum" of the time spent on the calls metrics of Dynatrace Managed in "Services" category of Custom charts.

We are looking for an aggregation on percentiles to create charts for visualizing the slowest requests.


Hi @Deekshit P.

From custom charts you can pick server side response time metric and change the aggregation to percentile



I am still not able to see the results for my key request.
This is a custom service which has only "time spent", but not "response times"

Can you explain please where you see time spent?

Any how if you look at a service , also custom one as the follows, you can go and "create analysis view" under Multidimensional analysis section

And here you can also chart the response time by percentiles



I think I can see this metrics in Multidimensional analysis but I cannot use this metric to create a chart in dashboard for reporting.

There is not a way to pin a list of individual request response times to a tile on a dashboard. If you make all of the requests you care about key requests, you can make a custom chart using the 'key requests' response time metric and then filtering down to the service tag you care about. Otherwise, your best bet is to create a Multidimensional Analysis View, and then create a hyperlink to it on your dashboard with the markdown tile.