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Built-in metrics - data explorer calculation


is there any possible way to use built-in metrics “response time” to calculate the count of transactions exceeding the specific response time threshold?
I want a count of service x when processing time > 10 s 

Please advise if this is possible without using calculated metrics.


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi @davidraouf 


No this is possible only using CM, using the MDA (Custom Multidimensional Analysis) menu.

You can put your filter on the required service.

User also the processing time to put it > 10 s.


After that, you can create your Calculated metric on to count the number of transactions and use that metric on Dashboard or any other usage.


Look the picture.



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Dear malaik , 

thanks for supporting , but i am asking about the ability to do it with data explorer only with the built in metrics . 
Example of what i want in data explorer without calculated metrics or views or distributed traces 

builtin.service.responsetime for service x is the response time exceed 10s 


HI @davidraouf 

This is not possible without creating a calculated metric for that :facepalm:


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