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Change the exported dashboard in JSON


Our teams is working to change the exported Dashboard in json in order to modify the title of ProblemTile regarding if there was any problem or not (with the value of the number of problems and an if statement).

Currently we didn't find any solution to do that. Trying to create a status page dashboard, like this:

Any suggestions pls?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi there, @attilaa !!!

Currently there is no way to handle problem information on Dashboard, beside the current option.

Dynatrace is working in an enhanced Problem dashboard, you can follow this thread for updates.

Meanwhile, there is something you can do, that is work with filters on the Problem page, and then create problem widgets based on that filter, using the Pin to dashboard.

You can segregate the systems you need by tag, use it as problem filter and create a problem widget with that filter applied. Doing this, you can get closer to the page.


Site Reliability Engineer @ Kyndryl


Hello @dannemca 
Thank you for your swift reply, I'll provide the comments to our team. 🙂

Hello @attilaa! Long time to come since this conversation occurred, but - do you remember if Dane's answer was helpful to your team?


Hello @Michal_Gebacki 
Yes, absolutely. 

Great! Thanks for rapid feedback!

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