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Questions related to Dynatrace dashboard widgets and Dynamic filters


Hello Team,

We are using Dynatrace Managed SaaS environment. I have two questions related to dashboards -

  1. We have dashboard which shows status of all the hosts and services/applications running on those hosts. How can we create a common filter which filters both (host and apps)? We created a host tag and service tag but it is not working. At a time only one filter is working. Anyone implemented this kind of use case in environment?
  2. Is there a way we can add any custom widgets/tiles in Dynatrace for dashboard? If yes how we can add them?





DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hello @np9,

despite the environment, and I will assume that you are talking about the classic dashboard, you can use the custom tile on the dashboard which you will edit the data on the data explorer and save it to a dashboard, also you can filter with a specific entity/entities, of course, you can assign it to a specific management zone same as the predefined tiles


also, you can export created dashboards from any demo environment and import them to your environment and adjust it as needed.



for more details check Classic Dashboards& Latest Dynatrace Dashboard

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