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Dashboard: Running Process status


Hi, Is there any way if I want to monitor my running processes from dashboard. Is there any way, from where I can create dashboard for the process whether it is running or not. I have whatsapp process running on my window node but I am not able to create any dashboard for this process.

If it is possible from the custom chart, please let me know the steps


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

So Dynatrace does not have a honeycomb tile for processes, like you have for services. These processes are grouped into Process groups and these process groups are grouped into technologies. So if you go to your create custom chart and search Technologies and select your metric. Its a long list but keep scrolling, You can always go with Technologies>Generic>CPU. Or search for "Process CPU" and from there you can add in Management Zones and split the processes out and further filter down to what you want to see.

Keep in mind, you can search for the "Process CPU" string if you want, I just wanted to ensure you that understand the way these are grouped and all the options you have as technologies as a whole.


Can you please elaborate on this solution. If I Have a management zone, and I want to see the whole process health running on each host how can this be established.


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